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> > > ---I disagree with this on the basis of my observations of 
> various 
> > > Gurus. Some probably E'd people (say HWL Poonja) are or have 
> been 
> > > keeping their Sidhis secret yet have them, or b. don't have 
> c. 
> > > a third possibility is that they are not E'd.
> > <snip> 
> > 
> > So the best solution to answer your question is for you to fully 
> > realize Enlightenment, waking, dreaming and sleeping. Then you 
> > know beyond any doubt.
> This is a typical "neo-Advaitin" reply; a strategy  Nisargadatta 
> Maharaj fell back on repeatedly rather than saying "I don't 
> Sorry, this is a poor excuse for addressing the questions 
> knowledge and how acquire it. There's either a full, or partial 
> answer: saying "find out for yourself" is a cop out.  Forget 
> like levitating elephants.  Let's pick an easy one, say the 
> acquisition of important mathematical theorems. Let's see some of 
> new math theorems you can come up with.  How about a proof to 
> Riemann's Hypothesis.  There's a one million dollar reward for 
> What?  Can't solve this???   Thanks.
It's not some kind of fancy-pants 'strategy', excuse, or neo 
whatever you call it answer. 

Personal accountability is the only way to discover unambiguous 
answers for any of us. Do you not have any answers of your own? 

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