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> > I am pretty sure we got this idea about his state from him.  I
> > don't think it is assumptive on our part.  If you treat him in
> > any way other then as " enlightened master" you are quickly
> > escorted out of the room.  It is not assumed, it is enforced.  
> I have to agree with Curtis here. If not escorted from
> the room, you are certainly never welcomed back to it.
> Feedback that is not of the "I agree with you completely,
> Maharishi" was often perceived as disrespectful and a
> direct challenge to his authority.

I remember seeing a fascinating tape in which a
very young Keith Wallace argued *vigorously* with
MMY about something or other--I think it had to do
with how you could tell you were witnessing, but
I can't recall the details. Anybody else know
the tape I mean?

Sure. Great tape. But they were having a lively philosophical/spiritual discussion. Keith wasn’t challenging his administrative decisions. And even if he was, that wasn’t a problem in those days if it was done respectfully, intelligently, and in the right context. But allegedly, these days M’s controllers (or those whom he controls) don’t tolerate it for an instant. __._,_.___

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