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The new issue of What Is Enlightenment? has an article on SSRS which

says he has instructed over 20 million people in meditation.

Is that more than TM?

He's also had  2.5 million people show up for a massive meditation

session last February 17 in his hometown of Bangalore!

Way to go Ravi!

BTW, where is the independent Indian newspaper coverageof this 2.5  

million person

meditation. Even by Hindu standards, that's a HUGE gathering of  

people. And, unless most of

them are from Bangalore, that's a HUGE strain on the local  

infrastructure. How many broken

sewer lines? How many new turds floating in the street's open  

sewers, etc? Where did the

water come from? The food? The parking? The housing?

The WIE article has details. There's lot of stuff you don't see--like  

him sending delegations volatile Kashmir, etc.

The WIE has details provided by him and his people. Where's the independent articles?

India newspapers. The aerial shots were interesting--they had these huge video screens so the proceeds could be seen by more people. The stage itself was 3.5 acres!

6000 / 2500000 =  .24 %  

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