--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jun 29, 2006, at 9:37 PM, Rick Archer wrote:
> > on 6/29/06 8:19 PM, off_world_beings at [EMAIL PROTECTED]  
> > wrote:
> >
> >> You got nothing. You are just looking for attention, but will 
> >> something to make up that is totally unsubstantiated and
> >> uncorroborated by the majority of the people who were there.
> >>
> > That's true, because the majority who were there weren't in the  
> > inner circle. But those in the inner circle soon learned that 
> > private and public personae were quite different. This discovery  
> > caused the majority of MMY's personal secretaries to leave the  
> > movement. __
> Thanks for mentioning this, I think this important point is not  
> mentioned enough. As word leaked out about his duplicity it helped  
> many make the decision to split. Once you knew the public side was  
> essentially a front, a facade and M. a poseur, you realize it's 
> a business. That's one of the reasons many believe the words  
> attributed to Guru Dev when he said 'go to the mountains to 
> you'll never be good at anything other than making money.' (huge  
> paraphrase).
> "Mahesh has been interested in power, in the accumulation of 
> and in women. Why does he live in a big house, own helicopters,  
> airplanes, etc? Why does he spend most of his time involved in  
> business planning about making money? It is because he is a  
> businessman who has the desires that other wealthy businessmen 
> His spiritual front is his scam and the way he gets people to give  
> him their time and money." --Earl Kaplan

On the other hand--just hypothetically, now--if a
person had an entirely genuine desire to enlighten
the world, perceived that in order to do so it
would be necessary to have a big movement that was
run like a business--including accumulating money--
and himself had CEO-type inclinations in terms of
his temperament, how would his actions look any
different from what MMY is doing?

In other words, how can you tell the difference
between someone whose primary motivation is to
run a business that accumulates money and uses
a spiritual front to do so, and someone whose
primary motivation is to spiritually regenerate
the world and uses business techniques as a means?

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