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When I refer to Indians thinking Maharishi's teaching is too easy to be
> > true, I mean M always said just Meditate twice a day for twenty minutes
> and go
> > about your normal business. They knew there was a lot more to it than
> that.
> > Just look at what is expected of us today and what we were told in 1970.
> >
> Er, just what is "expected of us today?"
> Er, TM, advanced techniques, Sidhis, Ayurveda, Jyotish and Yagaya, Proper
> Vastu housing. Not to mention financial contributions. In 1970 we were told
> enlightenment in 5-8 years with 20 minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in
> the evening and don't do anything you know to be wrong.

All voluntary and I cherry-pick what I do, don't you? The MAK products seem worthy in my
own experience. Jyotish seems amusing. Vastu seems a tad "off the wall," but you never

Spair, you're missing the point. Indians have known all along that there is more to getting enlightened than just doing a simple meditation for twenty minutes twice a day and not doing anything you  know is wrong and that is why they were skeptical, not to mention the initiation fee which turned many off. I'm just going by what Indian friends of mine have told me in the past.

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