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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> The idea that it's hard or "impossible to bootstrap new technologies
>> into large scale production" IMO is a lie. It's a lie perpetutated by
>> corporatism--and of course inspired by energy corps and their Czars.
>> In WW II when Germany was landloacked from oil resources they
>> completely turned over their economy and developed a "car of the
>> people", the "Volkswagen" and it ran on indigenous fuels. The
>> original diesel engine was designed to run on peanut oil. Let's face
>> it, the corporations that run our government have made sure these
>> technologies never make it to the market.
> And which technologies are these? And which corporations? Haliburton
> undoubtably is in there. And these technologies can ONLY be developed
> by large corps that are "running the govt" and not small companies --
> where most innovations / patents, comes from, venture capital is
> deployed, or start-ups from large corp  runaways, etc?

It seems to me the more grassroots movement that is bringing these  
technologies to market are smaller, but face strong opposition from  
oil companies.


Brazil made the decision years ago to be oil dependent, what are the  
factors that have prevented that from occurring here?

>> A grassroots economy handed
>> over to non-factory farmers
> Most new sectors are created by innovators and entrepreneurs, not
> "handed over' by anyone.

See the above article/video.

>> and rendering energy policy back to the
>> people
> One good election could do wonders, though from Carter to Clinton,
> they have miffed huge opportunities in energy policy

Depending on who sways votes or the voting machines...

>> is totally untenable to our current political situation. A
>> government OF the people and BY the people? Get real.
> Vote for the 15 points: IRV, no jerrymandering, public funding of pres
> and congress, flat tax, etc and the people will begin to re-own the
> gov't. Otherwise, jefferson's expectation a revolution (new
> consitution, new govt) every 20-50 years, may become even riper.

I'm hoping.

>> Instead the solution has been more covert: develop genetically
>> engineered strains of food which will be the only foods sustainable
>> in the new climate. It's the only thing farmers will be able to use.
> Hardly a believable premise as an absolute ("the only").

A deliberate exaggeration of a nightmare future.

> Which
> corporations specifically doing this? Is it disclosed in their
> quarterly 10-Q's -- in which public companies are required to disclose
> all relevant information regarding their financial positions and
> prospects.

LOL. Yeah, right.

How did the genetically engineered food labeling act got through  
congress so quietly?

Gremlins! That's it!

>> Create overt aviation fuel programs which render contrails and
>> atmospheric, high altitude haze over large areas of the planet to
>> help shunt some solar radiation back out into space.
> Wow. This is happening? And escaped the notice of most climate  
> scientists?


>> This technology
>> and it's usage is already being quietly taught to our children in the
>> public school system.
> Um, in which course is that?
>> But the real danger is in what we don't know.
> Or perhaps for some, a greater danger is in the bogus things they
> think they know.
>> As many mystical
>> traditions attest, there is a bioenergetic component to all sentient
>> life which has escaped the measurements of the priests scientific
>> materialism. It's called prana. When an early prana scientist,
>> Wilhelm Reich, sent his research to the Feds, he had his books burned
>> and he was thrown into prison (where he died).
> Not the version I remember.
>> Never mind the motor
>> which ran on free "orgone" energy (as he termed it) which disappeared
>> at the same time.
> Free as in "water", for example. Water is free, hydro power is not.

Well, I saw an old video. It required an initial start from  
electricity and then supposedly ran entirely on "orgone".

> And who besides Reich saw this machine?

His son, Peter, numerous others. IIRC it's mentioned in Peter's _Book  
of Dreams_.

>> Never mind his research which showed
>> desertification was linked to prana depletion.
> Ok, I won't mind some reserch which is not detailed as to its
> credibility and worth.

It's fairly detailed and has been followed up by geologists.  
Interesting stuff. I was extremely skeptical as well. Interesting if  
it pans out.

>> Don't even speak of
>> his research on human beings, it's probably still illegal to use the
>> devices he created.
> OK. Mums the word.
>> Fortunately his remaining works were sealed at Harvard till 50 years
>> after his death.
> And what? The Tri-Lateral commission won't let it be opened? Even
> though it will save the earth?

He sealed his papers to prevent them from being destroyed (or stolen)  

>> 2008 marks the end of that 50 years and from what
>> I've seen, it's some pretty remarkable research...
> So what other scientists share that view? Why nothing of note yet in
> the science press? Or if I missed it, what are the cites in quality
> science publications?

I doubt you'll ever see a thing, esp. if you have no interest in this  
(or are a member of the College of Orgonomy). As you know, most  
scientists do not accept the existence of a universal life energy!

No this research isn't widely public, but then again there aren't  
many people interested in the use of orgone devices on children in  
utero and during development...

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