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> > As I'm sure any of the psychologists on the list who have worked with
> > EEG biofeedback can attest, and I also have personal experience with,
> > a scalp electrode to provide brainwave feedback only measures a tiny
> > electrical impulse. Any movement or even blinking the eyes will
> > interfere with the accuracy of the reading. How can the TMO results
> > showing maximum brainwave coherence (which is a  Fourier Analysis of
> > the outputs) while flying be possible. The movement would destroy the
> > data output???
> >
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> Probably those muscle artifacts have a characteristic signature which 
> is ignored or minimized by the program which does the fast fourier 
> analysis.

That's one way of doing it. David OJ says they did it by visual inspection of 
the EEG, which 
is generally more accurate. The MOST accurate way of doing it is to have one 
(or more?) 
time-coded video camera on the person and deleting any EEG that occurs when 
there is a 
visible twitch, but I don't think most researchers  bother with that, at least 
not these days.

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