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> > Thanks for posting the link.  I am really surprised that they are
> > continuing with this blatant lie!  Arrogance, pure and simple.  
> > They don't give people enough credit that they would know that 
> > this claim is as physically impossible as humans flying in the 
> > air. It must be discouraging for his current students to see 
> > that no attempt is being made to be truthful in this absurd 
> > claim.  
> I think that to some extent you are missing the point.
> This "research" is *not* for the world at large, who
> wouldn't be taken in by it. It's for the students who
> have already paid for the TM-siddhi course, or who are
> about to. It's a way to give them something to hang
> onto that sounds rational, a "scientific" excuse they
> can point to when someone asks why they paid thousands 
> of dollars to learn how to fly.

Well, actually, as I recall, they were shown at
intro lectures once they had started publicizing
the TM-Sidhis course and Yogic Flying.

> Personally, the thing that's astounded me in these
> recent discussions is how tenaciously a couple of
> people here have adopted the role of apologist, trying
> to find some loophole, some way of analyzing the exact
> wording, some shread of hope that enables them to 
> portray this presentation as something other than an 
> intentional attempt to mislead.

Well, actually, what you're seeing is a couple of
people here pointing out how far the anti-TMers will
go to twist the facts in order to cobble together
their accusations of fraud.

> People have an innate need to continue believing in 
> the things they have spent decades believing in, I 
> guess (not to mention justifying the money they've
> spent on those beliefs), and logic really doesn't enter
> into the equation when that need is threatened.

For example: What *matters* with regard to these
studies is not whether EEG coherence can be
measured during actual hopping, but that there is
a very sharp increase in coherence with the use
of the technique (the sutra).  That it can't be
measured after hopping begins is irrelevant.

Obviously, nobody is going to be any *more* impressed
if they believe coherence continues during hopping.
Yet the bitter-enders, contrary to reason and logic,
are trying to make a huge deal of the fact that the
charts could be interpreted that way.  Nobody is
going to decide to take the TM-Sidhis course because
they believe they'll experience EEG coherence while
they're hopping, as opposed to when they use the

So if anybody is deceived in this regard, IT DOESN'T
MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE.  It's a nonissue.

In contrast, it *does* make some sense to complain
about the series of photos of the woman hopping that
show her only in the air, as if she were floating or
making an impossibly long hop.  That's distinctly
deceptive.  Or it would be if it hadn't become
common knowledge by the time the poster came out
that only hopping was going on.  But that, at least,
is an issue.

And of course it also makes sense to complain about
the fact that it was awhile before it became clear
that only hopping was going on.  There's an argument
to be made that almost everyone involved at first 
was convinced hovering and flying were right around
the corner because the experience of hopping itself
(and the other sutras) was so extraordinary, so it
didn't matter that it hadn't yet actually occurred.
That would be a matter of naive optimism, not
intentional deception, but it *is* a legitimate issue.

The supposedly irrational "apologists" are capable
of making the distinction between real issues and
nonissues, while the purportedly ruled-by-reason-
and-logic bitter-enders cannot.

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