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So you feel *tricked*? Or you feel others were *tricked*? The
> real trick is, listen to what is said, not what you think he
> was really trying to imply and make you think.

That might be "the real trick," but Bush and his
cronies were clearly hoping people wouldn't know
about it:

"In the first weeks after 9/11, fewer than 10 percent of Americans
suggested to poll takers that Saddam was the source of the terrorist
attacks. However, after the constant accusations and insinuations by
the Bush administration, the number soared.

"A February 2003 poll found that 72 percent of Americans believed
that Saddam was 'personally involved in the September 11 attacks.' A
January 2003 poll found that almost half of Americans believed that
one or more of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi — even though not a
single hijacker hailed from that country. Seventy-three percent
believed that Saddam 'is currently helping al-Qaeda.'"

Judy, I'm curious as to who took the polls and what were the specific questions asked and to whom. Every body knows you can manipulate a poll to get any result you want. As to the last poll mentioned here, I can't blame anybody that think's Saddam is currently helping Al Qaeda with all the money that was stashed and looted before the invasion. Many people think that the resistance we see today is funded by that very cash and some of Saddam's cronies are using it to fund the insurgents and Al Qaeda in Iraq. Even Saddam was found in his hole with several hundred thousand dollars with which he was paying people to resist. A couple of tractor trailers rigs were loaded with millions of dollars and driven to Syria before the invasion where no doubt it is being used to fund resistance. It's Saddam's money.

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