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> I have no problem with any of these statements. Obviously the
> issue is the overall War on terrorism of which Iraq is a part of.  
> There is  no accusation that Saddam was involved in the 911  
> attacks.

You can't possibly be as dumb as you sound here.

The whole *point* is that they didn't make the
accusation overtly; they planted the idea in
people's minds by association.  The statements
were *designed* to make the suggestion without
explicitly saying something they knew wasn't true.

They were very carefully constructed so that dupes
like you could exclaim, "Oh, but he didn't actually

But there's no question they were intended to 
mislead--there are too many of them along the
same lines to have been accidental--and that
they were successful in doing so.  There's
nothing else that could account for those poll
numbers I reported.

You claimed the idea that Saddam had been involved
in 9/11 was widespread immediately after the attacks.
It was not; it was *rare*.  But in the space of a
little over a year, it went up to 72 percent.  There
are quite a few polls asking similar questions
around that time and later, and every last one shows
a majority thinking Saddam was involved.

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