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> On Jul 11, 2006, at 4:35 AM, Mark wrote:

> > Is it possible that the criticism of TM, that it doesn't
> > accomplish  
> > anything for many is because the Being by it's nature doesn't do  
> > anything but must be enjoined with a relative agent such as a  
> > mantra that would give It a relative focus. Mark _
> There are a lot of reasons that TM would not work for a person but  
> they're probably similar or the same reasons other forms of  
> meditation might not work. IMO the most common reason is that the  
> person receiving the instruction, for whatever reason--their mental  
> makeup, their worldview, their state of mind, etc.-- *just doesn't  
> get it*. A constitutional disconnect.  It just doesn't click with  
> where they're at. And of course this can happen with any form of  
> meditation. In a case such as this, it may be advantageous to wait  
> until a certain span of time has passed and then be re-instructed.  
> The perspective of time can do wonders.
In my case, I simply reached a point where my mind would no longer
tolerate doing TM, so I stopped and moved on. My life focus took a
major turn for the better after Karunamayi's second visit to FF when I
started chanting the Gayatri Mantra. Everything just fell into place
after that.

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