> > >
> > > -I'm sorry for posting the ramblings of my mind from one 
> > > point earlier in the day. By the time I deleted it Judy 
> > > had already posted a reply and now you. I understand, 
> > > believe me, it was just some of the blather passing 
> > > through and I impulsively posted it.
> > 
> > I'm not sorry. It's a fascinating point. Maharishi
> > *trained* his teachers to invoke this two-word 
> > thought-stopper. And so we invoked it, most of 
> > the time with the desired effect. It was a control
> > freak technique then (when we used it, or when he
> > did it first-hand, issuing some 'pronouncement' to
> > stop a discussion that was leading somewhere he 
> > didn't want it to go), and it's a control freak 
> > technique now. I think that feeling a little ill 
> > when you hear it is a sign of mental health.
> <snip> 
> > Enlightenment is all *about* trusting yourSelf more than
> > you trust anyone or anything else. It's about realizing
> > that what you have sought has never not been present, 
> > and that all the seeking was just something to do until
> > you realized that there was nowhere to go, nothing to 
> > gain, nothing to seek.<snip> 
> Is Maharishi not your Self? and if he isn't, who is?

The Self is an experience; Maharishi has pointed the way to get there;
So have many others: The Self could be descibed as 'Christ 
Consciousness' or Buddha Consciousness or Maharishi Consciousness;
Buddha described the Self, as 'Not this and not that...'

When one begins to trust their own experince, more and more;
The part of the Self, the Higher Self gets empowered...
You no longer have to quote so much, but you begin to be spontaneous.
Just like Maharishi is spontaneous.
Just like Martin Luther King, was spontaneous, when he gave his 
remarkable speeches- he was primarily speaking from his heart;
Not repeating dogma, not reading from a tele-prompter; 
Just speaking from a heart fillied with love, and bliss.
Your enlighenment is your's to find;
No one can 'give' it to you...
Really you have to lose all concepts of what you 'think' 
enlightenment is;
Then you can begin to have a quite mind;
And then you can let your heart speak the truth.
So, although Enlighenment is a universal thing;
Your enlightenment is specific to your soul.
And you soul will express itself in it's unique way...
Just like unenlightened ones, are unique.
Enlightened people are just as unique..

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