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Vaj said: They felt he was a "seller of


Vedas" and thus destined for the deepest hell. Not the "saint"



Jim said: Emphasis on dogma can lead to all kinds of crazy ideas. 

Just look at

the way the dharma of caste is often abused and misunderstood. Or

the state of the Catholic Church. You seem to put way too much

importance in titles.

Vaj said: I think the sages who said that originally saw it 

as "cause and  

effect". Charging for the path to liberation was not seen as a 


"cause" and therefore had some bad effects...

I can't imagine why this would cause bad effects. Even money comes 

from the same place everything else does...I suppose if they were 

caught up into the thinking that making money was somehow 

inconsistent with a spiritual life...I don't know, it seems silly to 

me, given that a service is being provided.

It's an interesting point Jim--I too have found this damnation by jnanis to be bizarre--but not the point. The point was that Amma's remarks were gentle by comparison--and the comparison to a mother caring, touching to everyone (everyone has a mom).

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