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SSR's focus is on his breathing techniques, not meditation. 


you imagine MMY supporting that idea?>>.

There was a guy called Ishvara that did the same thing. Focus on 

breath. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt....useless.

(Try a hug anyone? )


   Pranayama, by itself, is supposed to be a valid way to gain 

enlightenment. >>>

No it is not effective for gaining enlightenment on its own. 

However, MMY has always claimed that TM is the best single method 

out there, at least for householders. I can't imagine that he's 

changed his mind.>>>

Is it Pranayama that is being taught by Ravi Shankar? or as you said 

it is "focus on breath". The latter is not pranayama.

SSRS used to require pranayama and purification *before* initiation into what is essentially an advanced version of TM (TM + a crucial "advanced" technique). I imagine he still does. All these practices have profound scriptural and lineal backing. In other words, they're supported by millennia of yogic experience.

Sri Swami Rama, an initiate of Guru Dev, also required this, plus correct asana.

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