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> > > > Personally, I have no need or desire for a guru or other
> > > > savior figure. But, there certainly is a very long tradition
> > > > of devotion to a guru, and it just struck me that being
> > > > devoted to MMY or Punditji is no different than MMY being
> > > > devoted to Guru Dev.
> > >
> > > I would suggest that there is a difference. You
> > > probably would never have seen the other disciples
> > > of Guru Dev obsessing about former fellow disciples
> > > who had moved on, and spending hours badrapping them.
> > > That's a Western addition to "guru yoga," and IMO
> > > it's not an improvement.
> >
> > So who here is a disciple of Gurudev?
> THAT is an example of the intentional desire to
> mislead and deflect discussions Vaj was talking
> about. No one on earth is stupid enough to have
> gotten "folks here are disciples of Guru Dev"
> from what I wrote.

Well, I was, sorry.

> What I was criticizing was something you do with
> Chopra and that others do with SSRS and other
> notable former TMers who have moved on. You seem
> to obsess on them, and whenever their name comes
> up, trash them again, as if they'd done something
> WRONG by moving on, or by choosing to have a life.

So, I'm a disciple of MMY's? 

> I was saying (and I think you *knew* what I was
> saying and were trying to deflect the discussion
> elsewhere) that I would be willing to bet that
> the disciples of Guru Dev never sunk this low
> when one of their fellow students chose to move
> on. It's not that human nature has changed in the
> time since; it's just that (based on what we've
> heard about Guru Dev) their lives were probably
> full enough and fulfilling enough that they
> didn't have either the time or the inclination
> to fill it by trashing someone by implying they
> were "unfaithful" to Guru Dev, or that they
> somehow did him wrong by moving on. Plus, it is
> my bet that Guru Dev did not *encourage* trashing
> those who have moved on, whereas Maharishi 
> definitely does.

How so?

> It is my contention that people in the TMO have
> been *trained* to react to those students who
> have moved on by trashing them, and by wishing
> the worst for them, *not* by wishing them well
> in their new lives. And this attitude comes
> straight from Maharishi; it's *him* who views
> anyone who doesn't stay with him forever as
> some kind of traitor. That 'tude just trickles
> down to the TM teachers and, through them, to
> the rank and file.


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