Exactly, sustainable living is the motivating factor here, both within and without the TMO. Obviously most of us would not have come without it, and there is a real feeling of community as much of the stress due to the TMO/non-TMO stuff fades away. I think you'd notice many positive changes if you were to visit again.


On Jul 22, 2006, at 3:50 AM, TurquoiseB wrote:

By the way, congrats on this article. I've been to
Fairfield only once, years ago, and didn't know all
that much about it until I came to FFL. It sounds as
if you've managed to create a very nice place there,
in the unlikeliest of locations. I wish you who live
there well with it in the future, whatever the
fortunes of the TMO may turn out to be. Obviously,
it is no longer the dominating factor in the town;
living well is.

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