I love Judy's prowess with numbers, don't you...

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "authfriend" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The latest below. Looks like the response is going to
> be better than some had predicted.  

If I may quote from the original post on this subject:

*   Maharishi is calling for 2500 Governors and 
*   Sidhas to fly together in Fairfield and 
*   Maharishi Vedic City (MVC) immediately--and 
*   another 1000 in Washington, DC.
*   I am returning to America today to rally, with
*   the support of Raja Wynne, 1500 Yogic Flyers 
*   from Fairfield/MVC, and to mobilize another 
*   1000 from across the nation to fly together 
*   in the Domes. Raja Dean and Raja Bob LoPinto 
*   will immediately mobilize 1000 for Washington, DC.

And now from "the latest" below:

*   Seven hundred fifty (750) Yogic Flyers have 
*   applied thus far—about 650 to Fairfield and 
*   100 to Washington, DC.

> I believe it was also Barry who predicted
> no more than 100 would attend per city.

You believe incorrectly. So much for beliefs
based on reason and logic. :-) If I may quote 
from my original "contest" post:

*  This provides an excellent opportunity for a contest.
*  Entrants just have to guess how many people will show
*  up for these course in addition to the normal average
*  of people doing their program together today in each
*  of the two cities.
*  My entry is less than 100 more than normal, in each city.

By "100 more than normal," I meant 100 more
than the normal attendance numbers per city.
I think I made that clear. To quote you,
"Maybe you should go back and read it again."  :-)

How ya doin' on that so far? How many of 
these people signing up are *in addition*
to the normal averages? I doubt if anyone
can tell us for DC, but don't they keep
track of attendance numbers in Fairfield?
Sounds to me as if there has been an 
increase in both cities.

Don't get me wrong...I'd *like* to see them
achieve the originally-stated numbers. But
my "contest" was based on my feeling that 
they really can't *find* 3500 siddhas any
more who would be willing to attend such
a course, whatever the claimed "emergency."

But do keep counting. I'd *like* to be 
proved wrong on this, just to see the
language the TM movement is going to use
in its press releases when the situation 
in the Middle East calms down on its own 
and they attempt to take credit for it.

Then again, if the war escalates, and 
during the course, expect not a word 
in the press indicating that any of this 
ever happened, whereas in private the
siddhas who didn't attend will be blamed
for it.

Speaking of which, which course was it
that you said that you are going to 
attend, Judy?

All hat, no cattle...

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