Some of my recent posts, have been written in anger, and frustration.
As I am Jewish, not practicing or anything, just born Jewish.
Got picked on in the old neighborhood, by some of the Germans there.
So, there is some deep button, that get's pushed,
When I feel that old pressure, closing in from all sides,
That the Jews are this, and the Jews are that...

So, I admit that I am a little too attached to Israeli politics
To be objective in this area.

None the less, I am wondering why the United States, has spent 
Billions of dollars throughout the years, since WWII,
Building these mighty nuclear weapons.
Building mighty missiles, submarines, B-52's and B-2's to carry them 
to their targets;
With multiple warheads on each missile.
One submarine, parked in Puget Sound, here in Seattle,
Has more explosive power, than all the bombs in WWII, put together.
It's really hard to even fathom, a weapon of this magnitude.

So, why did we create these weapons?
 When did we plan to use them?
 Is it so far fetched to think of the danger of this current situation,
As perhaps making this deadly alternative necessary?
The Iranian president wishes to establish a new:
 Persian Empire, in the Middle East;
One without Israel, and the United States;
And he is aligning himself with Chavez, in Venezuala ,China, and 
Iran has huge Uranium resources, as well as its black gold (Oil).

The president of Iran has ambitions, which seem to me;
Quite similar to that of Adolf Hitler's, 73 years ago...
That war ended with two Atomic Blasts, as we know.
What preceded those two Atomic Blasts were suicidal bombers and 
What preceded those two Atomic Blasts, was the unwillingness to fight,
Hand to hand, door to door on the Island of Japan.
Dropping those bombs ended the war, and saved untold American lives.

So, now with this Hitler type dictator in Iran, lusting for nukes, to 
destroy, us; 
And destroy IsraelÂ…
Why did we build these nuclear weapons, and when do we use them, 
And against what kind of enemy, do we use them?

It's time for serious meditation on this issue;
Wouldn't you agree? 

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