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> wrote:
> >
> >  Some of my recent posts, have been written in anger, and 
> > frustration.
> > As I am Jewish, not practicing or anything, just born Jewish.
> > Got picked on in the old neighborhood, by some of the Germans 
> > So, there is some deep button, that get's pushed,
> > When I feel that old pressure, closing in from all sides,
> > That the Jews are this, and the Jews are that...
> > 
> > So, I admit that I am a little too attached to Israeli politics
> > To be objective in this area.
> > 
> > None the less, I am wondering why the United States, has spent 
> > Billions of dollars throughout the years, since WWII,
> > Building these mighty nuclear weapons.
> > Building mighty missiles, submarines, B-52's and B-2's to carry 
> > to their targets;
> > With multiple warheads on each missile.
> > One submarine, parked in Puget Sound, here in Seattle,
> > Has more explosive power, than all the bombs in WWII, put 
> > It's really hard to even fathom, a weapon of this magnitude.
> > 
> > So, why did we create these weapons?
> >  When did we plan to use them?
> >  Is it so far fetched to think of the danger of this current 
> > situation,
> > As perhaps making this deadly alternative necessary?
> > The Iranian president wishes to establish a new:
> >  Persian Empire, in the Middle East;
> > One without Israel, and the United States;
> > And he is aligning himself with Chavez, in Venezuala ,China, and 
> > others;
> > Iran has huge Uranium resources, as well as its black gold (Oil).
> > 
> > The president of Iran has ambitions, which seem to me;
> > Quite similar to that of Adolf Hitler's, 73 years ago...
> > That war ended with two Atomic Blasts, as we know.
> > What preceded those two Atomic Blasts were suicidal bombers and 
> > kamazis.
> > What preceded those two Atomic Blasts, was the unwillingness to 
> > fight,
> > Hand to hand, door to door on the Island of Japan.
> > Dropping those bombs ended the war, and saved untold American 
> > 
> > So, now with this Hitler type dictator in Iran, lusting for 
> > to destroy, us; 
> > And destroy IsraelÂ…
> > Why did we build these nuclear weapons, and when do we use them, 
> > And against what kind of enemy, do we use them?
> > 
> > It's time for serious meditation on this issue;
> > Wouldn't you agree? 
> > R.G.
> I retract my earlier apology, and revert back to 
> my original statement when you started talking
> like this. You should consider getting some
> psychological help.
> You are saying EXACTLY the same thing that the
> people you're so terrified of are saying. THEY
> say that it is perfectly permissible to kill the
> people of a whole nation, Israel. YOU are saying
> that it is perfectly permissible to kill the 
> people of a whole nation, Iran.
> I think that the people on both sides who think 
> and talk like this have lost their humanity. I
> pity the crazies in Hamas and Hezbollah who have
> let fear and hatred take their humanity from them, 
> and I pity you for having let it do the same 
> thing to you. 
> And the fact that you've found people here who
> agree with you makes it a big day for pity all
> around. 
> To the silent ones who haven't commented but who
> feel the same sadness I do at all of this, what 
> a commercial for what decades of meditation can 
> do for a person, eh?

But what does a nation do when their very existence is threatened?

Is there never a situation, Barry, when fighting against another 
nation is justified?

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