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> > > Well, I can't speak for her appearance on Donny Duetsch, but on 
> > > Hardball it was quite obvious she was poking fun at liberal 
> > > processes by holding a liberal icon up to that light of inquiry.
> > 
> > "Holding a liberal icon up to the light of inquiry"??
> > 
> > Really?
> > 
> > "The light of inquiry" is what she was holding
> > Clinton up to?
> > 
> > And since when do liberals hold people "up to
> > the light of inquiry" by publicly speculating that
> > they're gay?
> > 
> > It's conservatives who tend to think being gay is
> > somehow scandalous and terrible.
> > 
> > Liberals tend not to think it's worth bothering
> > to speculate about.  (Except in the case of 
> > conservatives who moralize over what an awful
> > threat to society homosexuality is and then turn
> > out to be secretly gay themselves.  Then it's
> > their ugly hypocrisy that is really the topic
> > of speculation.)
> Well, liberals are known to speculate that some prominent anti-
> homosexual conservative is in the closet,

Isn't that what I just said??

 but that's a bit of 
> ironic humor, for the most part.

Well, everybody kids around at times, sure.

But I'm talking about serious speculation; and among
liberals, that has to do not with the idea that being
gay is a Bad Thing but exposing the hypocrisy of the
closeted antigay conservatives.  (Typically, in my
observation, the speculation is pretty well founded
when it gets to that point.)

The conservatives are targeted not because they're
gay, but because they're (publicly) antigay.  You'll
rarely find liberals outing a closeted gay person
who publicly *supports* gay rights, in other words,
because there's no hypocrisy involved in that.

In Coulter's case, there's no "light of inquiry"
involved, of course.  Her speculation is absurd
on its face.  Her intention is only to give right-
wingers another fabricated reason to hate Clinton.

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