Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Reconciling, the TMorg
on 8/5/06 10:04 PM, dhamiltony2k5 at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Yes, these things in time would be helpful and nothing will happen
unless they are done.  Transparency keeps coming up at the problem.  
The first thing the accreditation team recently coached the
Maharishi School for the Age of Enlightenment to do was to audit all
parts of the school and report the audit to everyone.  When hell
freezes over is likely what the administrators and MMY think of

That’s not going to happen because “International” regularly sucks money out of MUM (and presumably also MSAE), placing it in financial jeopardy for months. Obviously someone sees these institutions as cash cows and doesn’t have their best interests in mind. They’re not going to want that info publicized.

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