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> How prevalent do you think such decisions are in the
> U.S. compared to China?
> Actually, I think no child should be aborted unless the mothers
> life is endangered, any where. However the accepted culture is that
> women control their bodies and reproductive rights and those are
> considered human rights, not political rights. The problem you have
> with aborting a fetus based on sex is the same one I have for
> aborting a fetus regardless of sex. I call that equal rights.

You're avoiding my question. We're talking here
about a specifically national situation rather than
I don't think the problem is very prevalent in our culture yet. We can't make Chinese law. But we do recognize women's reproductive rights as a human right which is supposed to transcend political rights. So either we say *no* it's not a human right or only *sometimes*, thus giving the state the right to make laws restricting abortion and taking away human rights.

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