--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Robert Gimbel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Maharishi Maheshi Yogi's life work;
>   Has culminated in this theory,
>   It's called 'The Maharishi Effect'.
>   It says;
>   That TM meditators, have an effect;
>   When in transendental deep meditation-
>    That effects the rest of the population;
>   (Yes, I know this sounds absurd)
>   But to continue...
>   Of bringing harmony to chaos.
>   Based on Quantum Mechanics on Physics;
>   It is the 'Micro-Effect' on the 'Macro-Effect',
>   In other words, as on becomes integrated in their consciousness;
>   As one experiences Transcendental Consciousness;
>   This has the effect of producing a 'Micro-Experience';
>   Which somehow effect the whole or 'Macro-Experience'.
>   So, if one person in New York City, is 'Transcending'
>   At Times Square, for example, where there is tremendous, 
>   'Controlled Chaos', even in that environment, produces:
>   A 'Macro-Effect' on all of human consciousness, everywhere.
>   It's like one individual, reflecting the Transcendent;
>   Enlivens the Transcendent, everywhere...
>   It is the Micro merging into Macro.
>   Quantum mechanics explains it better.
>   But nonetheless, it would be 'Intuitively Correct'
>   To believe, that this ultimate experience of the Yogis, Saints,
>   Writers, and philosophers of the past;
>   Can now be experiences so easily
>   As the ground has been nurtured by Maharishi;
>   For the ultimate human experience; as defined by Jesus;
>   'That the Kingdom of Heaven is Within.'
>   God Bless, and continued 'Sat Chit Ananda' 
>   Or:
>    "Absolute Bliss Consciousness"(The direct experience of the 
>   'Sat Cit Anada, forever,and ever, Amen.
>   Peace on Earth. 
>   R.G.  Seattle, Washington USA

Dear Robert
No dropping
Of Nuclear Bombs
Iranians this weekend?
Just Peace on Earth?
What's gotten into you?
Have you been into
Ben and Jerry's
Peace Pops

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