Well said.

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> > That people are empathetic with Shiva Ma says much about the
> of people that were
> > attracted to the TMO in the first place...
> >
> You mean all the trusting and open hearted people who are trying
to do
> the best they can for themselves and their world? Or the ones that
> their temporary ignorance and naivety used against them? Those
> I quess they just aren't elite enough or rich enough, eh? Jesus,
> they want to do is program in the dome!
> JohnY

There is a time and a place for everything. Having been on a number
of job interviews, I have not been completely open hearted and
trusting if I wanted the job. Same thing with S. Ma, who should've
just acted in such a way to be able to do her program in the dome.
Act in context.

I just don't understand folks who insist that everyone must know
their "truth", and then if they are denied something as a result,
start all the wailing and gnashing of teeth. S. Ma needs to take
responsibility for her actions, and stop laying the victim trip on

The TMO is not run by God directly- it is run by people and these
people have decided for whatever reason on rules in order to do the
program there.

S. Ma sounds like she needs to mature a little bit.

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