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> >> > 
> >> > That is what is so funny. You "experience" something. 
Probably grand.
> >> > However you interpret in a particular way that what you 
experience is
> >> > TMO/ MMY BC. Yet you have never discussed your experience 
with MMY.
> >> > Or even with someone, or many, from what i can tell, who have.
> > 
> Is this essential? As a friend of mine put it, ³you¹re the only 
one at your
> graduation.² When your experience is mature and genuine, you don¹t 
> anyone¹s confirmation.

Whenever I've had a wonderful "spiritual" experience I never needed 
anyone's confirmation.  The experience in and of itself was the 
knowledge, confirmation and experience...all rolled into one.

Of course, I have always had a great urge after having one of these 
experiences to share it with others and to talk about it, but the 
experience speaks for itself.

> I observe that people in higher states use MMY¹s
> terminology when it most effectively expresses what they are 
trying to say,
> and are equally comfortable quoting Nisargadatta, Ramana 
Maharishi, Eckhart
> Tolle, Donald Duck, or making up something new if that more 
> suits their purpose.

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