Even though the terms Transcendental Meditation & TM had not been 
coined, in 'Thirty Years Around the World' it states catagorically 
that before the yagna performed in October 1955, 'Throughout Kerala 
Maharishi was instructing the people in Transcendental Meditation'. 
In 'Beacon Light of the Himalayas' (an allusion to Guru Dev) Bal 
Brhmachari Mahsh (as he signed himself some weeks later) tells the 

'When he devotes himself and meditates on the name and form (NAMA AND 
RUPA) of the LORD, he begins to experience some ANANDAM and also the 
Grace of the Lord in every walk of life. This experience of Peace and 
Anandam is Sadhana. And Sadhana naturally increases his devotion to 
God and makes him more and more attached to Him. Thus he develops 
intensity of Raga for the ISHTAM. Gradually, this final Raga goes on 
increasing and this increase of Raga and Love for the ISHTAM enables 
the Grihastha to feel the presence of his 'ISHTAM' always with him, 
in all his ways of life, in all his thought, speech and action.'

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> > > 
> > > In 'Meditation: easy system propounded by Maharishi Mahesh 
> > > (c1959) there is to be found a series of questions which 
> the 
> > > following:
> > > Q. How does meditation improve the fortune of a man?
> > > A. Our system of meditation involves the All Mighty Power. We 
> take 
> > > the 'MANTRA' of some God according to our faith and meditate on 
> that. 
> > > The power of the 'MANTRA' brings to us the Almighty
> > > 
> > > 
> > 
> > All Mighty Power sounds  like a rough translation of Ishvara (sp) 
> from Patanjali.
> But note that he does *not* say the mantras are
> names of gods.

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