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> > > > All yours and others apparent desire to proclaim
> > their
> > > > awakenings as the same as MMY/TMO enlightenment
> > is quite
> > > > odd. Just pronounce what ever awakening one
> > wants. Other
> > > > than those that have requirements that one
> > doesn't meet.
> > > >
> > > And as long as someone's definition or
> > proclamation of
> > > enlightenment doesn't fit your definition of what
> > it should
> > > be, you are 'SAFE'.
> > 
> > Boy, Jim, either you aren't getting what new morning
> > is saying AT ALL, or you feel you're entitled to
> > ignore it completely and substitute a completely
> > different version of your own devising.
> > 
> > What he's saying makes perfect sense on its face;
> > it's
> > virtually a truism: to claim MMY-style enlightenment
> > (not new morning's own definition), you need to meet
> > the criteria MMY has set for it.
> > 
> > He's not saying there is no other style of
> > enlightenment,
> > or that if you don't meet the MMY criteria you
> > aren't
> > enlightened.
> > 
> > But that's how you seem to be interpreting what he
> > writes, for no good reason that I can see.
> Pray tell, do we or is there a consensus on MMY style
> enlightenment? 

Clearly there is a concensus on what the TMO and MMY consider
enlightenment by the one person who counts: MMY. And probably a clear
concensus among TMO administrators and researchers. 

My sole point is that it is the perogative for MMY and the TMO to
define, list manifest attributes of, and confirm TMO/MMY style
enlightenemnt however they deem appropriate. 

For someone to claim TMO/MMY style enlightenment without such TMO /
and or MMY confirmation is fraud. Its like selling a watch as a Rolex
when its not. (Not to imply a bias that TM/MMY enlightenemt is
superior.) Or its like someone claiming to be a board ceertified
psychoanalyst when the have not passed the requirments set by the
board authorized to give that title.

I fail to see why this is a hard concept for some to comprehend.

Peter, whether there is a concensus about what TMO / MMY style
enlightenment on this list, amongst your peers or network, is
interesting -- but irrelevant as far as confirming someones TMO / MMY
style enlightenment. That is the TMO and MMY's sole perogative.

> I've always seen it as MMY
> giving us a conceptual tool kit so one doesn't have a
> heart attack when the domain of Realization is
> breached and most of the tools fall out of the
> toolbox.

OK. fine. That does not in any way effect the above stated perogative
and right of the TMO to define, list manifest attributes of, and
confirm TMO/MMY style enlightenemnt how ever it deems appropriate. 

Since there is a lot of extra stuff floating in peoples mind, that
when reading posts, in their minds appear to glob on and distort in
their minds what a poster says.  They read a post with assumptions
about what the poster means, not what he/she is actually saying. Let
me be clear. The above statements do NOT translate, imply, infer or
mean any of the following statments (that some have oddly seen in my

- No one is enlightened. 
- MMY/ TMO style of enlightenement is superior to other awakenings,
enlightenments or spiritual development
- No other enlightenments or awakenings exist
- MMY/ TMO style of enlightenement is different from all others. 

(It may be, or may not be. It clearly is different from some -- given
that MMY "requires" clear sidhis for his confirmation of TMO / MMY
style of enlightenment.)
- That i am dismising the proclaimed enlightenment of others or
claiming all such claimants are phonies.
- that I am ridiculing those that claim some awakening or
enlightenment based on thier own criteria or another teachers 

(This latter point however does not imply that I blindly buy into any
and all claims -- particularly if there is a strong disconnet between
claimed attributes and thier activity.)

Again the above list of points CANNOT be found, implied or properly
inferred from my primary points in the first part of this post.

My sole point, oddly, yet apparently incomprehnsible to some, is that:

MMY and the TMO have the perogative and right to define, list manifest
attributes of, and confirm TMO/MMY style enlightenemnt however they
deem appropriate.  For someone to claim TMO/MMY style enlightenemnt
without such TMO/MMY confirmation is fradulant. And sad.

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