Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Would it matter if Maharishi wasn't enlightened?
on 8/28/06 1:31 PM, gerbal88 at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> There were also many complaints about
> Sattyanand not knowing "The Teaching" as well as he should have:
> which, I guess translates as "we big egoed Initiators know The
> Teching better than Sattyanand". -- Sattyanand had a very casual way
> of going about things

When I got the night technique from Sattynand in a small group at Estes Park (which is probably where you and Richard Scott got it) he paused in the middle of the puja for what must have been at least two minutes. I couldn’t figure out whether he was transcending, forgot the lines, or what. Richard’s book was called “Transcendental Misconceptions.” He wrote it after becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

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