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> I think I finished up my musings about Rama with
> three words -- "I don't know." I'm still pretty
> comfortable with that. And I like the two scorpion 
> stories...he was a fun character to "channel." 

Yes, he was funny. I like the idea of the personal Tsaklis too.

> On the whole, I think that there is a lot more to 
> be learned from a teacher who makes mistakes and 
> fucks up along the Way than there is to be learned 
> from a teacher who does everything "perfectly." 
> Since in my opinion the world has *never* seen 
> one of the latter, I'm grateful to have run into 
> some of the most colorful examples of the former.  :-)
> Unc

To paraphrase someone I respect a lot in a discussion about "guru
infallibility"--some people say Maharishi doesn't make mistakes.
Nonesense. If you you are in the relative there are mistakes. He makes
a master's mistakes, that's all.

With all the implications arising from that!


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