Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Weapons of Mass Destruction
on 8/31/06 9:06 PM, off_world_beings at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> The only WMD that I have experienced in the movement was this guy
> that used to fart the most horrendous noxious vapors every single
> program in the dome, which totally polluted any bliss that was being
> created.
> I am sure he is part of the reason for low dome numbers of recent
> years.

I had a guy near me for a long time who had the weirdest, most offensive B.O. I’ve ever experienced. I used to come in the first wave, get deep in meditation, then he would come in the 2nd wave and bring me out. I finally said something to him, very politely, and he was totally offended. He wasn’t capable of considering that it might be true. __._,_.___

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