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> > 'Some people say that having taken a guru you should not make 
> another. 
> > But this doctrine is not of the shaastra, this is [just] mind's 
> > imagination. The guru is gone to for [ones own] happiness. Up until 
> > when bhagavad (God, Vishnu, Shiva) is gained, up until then you can 
> go 
> > and change guru. So then we haven't seen any guru-bhakt (follower) 
> > always studying in the same 'class' of a guru out of fear. Actually 
> it 
> > is natural to transfer 'class' and to transfer guru. It is not 
> > disrespectful to the former guru, actually the guru's 
> dignity/respect 
> > has been done, but you will go beyond that study if you get the 
> > discipline of new gurus.'
> > [exerpt of 'Shri Shankaracharya UpadeshAmrita' kaNa 69 of 108]
> > translation - Paul Mason © 2006
> > http://www.paulmason.info/gurudev/upadesh.htm#changeguru
> This is very important. Guru is in no way synonymous with "only" 
> or "absolute". Guru, if I remember my Sanskrit properly, is one who 
> leads (you) from darkness (ignorance). It might take many teachers to 
> do this, to help you, depending upon how you and the teacher mesh. 
> Some teachers have abundant things to teach, but you might not have 
> any of those things to learn, or only one or two of them that are 
> necessary to you as an individual (and no one can escape his or her 
> individual requirements). Some simpleton of a teacher might actually 
> have the one important thing you need in order for some other 
> teacher's teaching to come to fruition.
> It's really arrogant to assume you (whoever "you" is) are so 
> enlightened to know which teacher is the greatest teacher who is just 
> right for you. 
> So, shopping around, 

which SBS clearly did.

>while this has negative connotations, might be 
> what you have to do. It seems to me that a good teacher is one who 
> recognizes 'your' needs and 'his/her' abilities as well as 
> limitations in regard to 'your' needs. If s/he isn't too self 
> centred, if s/he is really a good teacher, then s/he is going to do 
> his/her best to make sure you meet the teachers 'you' need.

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