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But nobody suggested the CIA had changed. The
point was that they were right all along. They
told Tenet there was no evidence of WMD; Tenet
decided to play kissy-face with Bush anyway. He
told Bush what he wanted to hear.

And he's been well rewarded for it with that
nice Medal of Freedom he got after he retired.
Now that's a good one. Tenet lied to Bush, knowingly giving him  false information, so Bush could invade Iraq (for oil no less) in exchange, he gets a medal. Sounds like the red cross bribing me with a cup of orange juice and a cookie in exchange for a pint of blood they turn around and sell for 400.00. Actually, if Tenet was just telling Bush what he wanted to hear he wouldn't have told him to strike the bit about Saddam trying to buy yellow cake from Niger in the State of the Union speech, which Bush then quoted British intel instead of the CIA. The CIA had intelligence from 4 or 5 different intelligence agencies that they condensed to present to the White House. Foot notes were noted in the briefs when there were disagreements as to the meaning of the intelligence. Sources within the CIA didn't always agree with each other on every bit of intelligence and they were noted. Tenet and others in the CIA believed the preponderance of the evidence was a slam dunk although there were some individuals that believed individual pieces of evidence were not accurate. As I said earlier Bush didn't appoint Tenet to the CIA, Clinton did. Do you think Clinton would appoint a yes man like you are suggesting to such an important post?  

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