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Re: What the hell is this "Yeh" and "Keheh" problem?

Dear Mr. Connie,
Thank you for your time and for your interest about this topic.

You're right, BBC solves the "Yeh" and "Keh" for all users,
But creates a new problem about "Yeh" and "Keh" for Search Engines.

Please note that there are still some users that still use Internet Explorer
5.5, such as some Coffee Nets in Tehran. I know more users who they still
run Windows 98, and you know that the "Yeh" and "Keh" is ALSO exists on
Windows 2000/ME systems.

But to explain your question about BBC Persian, I'm going to write the
answer in
Farsi, I also attached two pictures to help you understand me.
Read "aa" like 'a' in the word "ball"
Read "a" like 'a' in the word "hat"
BBC Persian va chand site digar mesle "", az yek ravesh
Zaa-He-Ran Zirankaaneh baraaye halleh mosh-kel "Yeh" va "Keh" Farsi

Ghabl az edaameye bahs, ejaazeh bedid man mataa-lebi ro yaad-aavari konam:

Moshkel "Yeh" Farsi daghigan chi hast?
Hamoon-tor ke midooni, dar UTF-8, baraaye namaayesh harfe "Yeh" Farsi az
code "#1740;" estefaadeh misheh.
Va dar Arabic, baraaye namaayesheh harfe "Yeh" az code "#1610;" estefaadeh

Farghe in-do, dar in hast ke "Yeh" dar Arabic, do taa nogh-teh ham ziresh

Khob, Harfeh maa in hast ke baayad az "Yeh" Farsi estefaadeh konim va az
estefaadeh az "Yeh" Arabic, ke kheili az weblog haaye Farsi baa oon Aloodeh
shodan, khod-daari konim.

Amaa Yek Moshkel vojood daareh:
Dar Windows haaye 95/98/ME/NT/2000, chand taa Font be soorate Naa-Ghes
taraahi shodan; mesle Tahoma.
Midoonid ke "Yeh" dar Farsi, 2 taa shekl daareh:

1) Yeh Akhareh Kalameh
2) Yeh vasat kalame

Font Designer haa faraamoosh kardan, shekl character "Yeh Vasat Kalame" ro
baraaye code #1740; taraahi konan. Be hamin khaater, Win9x User haa dorost
jomalaateh Farsi ro nemibinan. Dar vaaghe in Win9x user haa, "Yeh Vasat
Kalame" ro be soorate "Yeh Akhareh Kalameh" mibinan!!!

= Please See the attached file "9xyeh.gif" Now

Haalaa BBC chetor moshkel ro hal kardeh?

Be khiaal khodeshoon kheili Zirakaaneh!
Omadan goftan maa baraaye "Yeh Akhareh Kalameh" az hamoon code "#1740;"
estefaadeh mikonim,
vali baraaye "Yeh Vasat Kalame" az "#1610;" (ke Arabic hast) estefaadeh
mikonim. Injoori digeh to hich systemi Mosh-keleh Yeh nadaarim.

Khob, Dar negaah aval shaayad tah-sin bar-an-giz be nazar bereseh.

= Please See the attached file "yehatbbc.gif" Now

Safehaat BBC persian chon haalaa Tarkibi az "Yeh" ro estefaadeh mikonan,
dorost dar Search Engine-haa Index nemishan.
Yani Chi? Yani agar masalan man be donbaal kalameye "Yeki" begaram, baayad
khodam be onvaan User in kalame ro be soorat Tar-Ki-Bi, yani hamoon-joor ke
dar BBC neveshteh shodeh, vaared konam!

Man migam maa baayad dar-har-haal az "Yeh Farsi #1740;" estefaadeh konim.
Chon standard hast. Injoor safehaat dorost ham dar Search Engine haa index
mishan, yani Content kaalelan Farsi mah-soob mihshe.

Moshkel "Yeh" dar Win9x ham, baa avaz kardan code Yeh Farsi baa Arabic hal
Yani agar Win9x user bood, baa yek barnaame in ro tash-khis midim, badesh
"Yeh" Arabic behesh paass mikonam.

if (win9x_user) {
  output "Arabic Content"
else {
  output "Farsi Content"

The esle block control the content for all other users, including WinXP,
MacOS, Linux users and Search Engines.

Omid-vaaram manzooram ro daghighan resoondeh baasham,
Agar baaz ham so-aali hast, hatman beporsid.


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> On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, AmirBehzad Eslami wrote:
> > , but Win9x users
> > cannot view the "Yeh (U+06CC)" and "Keheh (U+06A9)" correctly, because
of an
> > old version of -default installed- Fonts like Tahoma.
> How about if some nice person posts some screenshots of BBC's Persian page
> as seen on both Win98 and Win95 with the default font so we can assess the
> situation?
> That should hopefully be with IE 6 which I was told updates the shaping
> engine and  fonts.
> I may be wrong so please correct me.  I too am only looking for the right
> solution.  You're correct that it's not nice to ask people to download
> fonts but if it's only a one-time IE update, that is not asking too much.
> -Connie

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