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Checked up on the product page[1]
No firmware updates for the drive.

What component should I file a bug against (kernel?)? Separate bugs for
the inbuilt and the USB drives?

I'd say start at application level first. File against one application and mention in your BZ that the problem is not app. specific. Let the developer make the call to escalate to the kernel. The kernel guys hate it when people just assume it is the kernel's fault without solid proof. By pointing out that is works on windows will make them even more angry :). In your case it looks like a kernel fault, but in many cases, it just happens that all userspace application eventually go through some userspace library which is at fault rather than the kernel. (For example bluetooth, usb devices which go through libusb etc)

Guess I'll have to boot into windows to burn *fedora* media till then.

Well, not necessarily. You do know that you can do installs from media on HDD too right ?[1]

Just copy the iso's to your windows partition (assuming it is FAT /not/ ntfs -- dunno the current status, but last i checked install from HDD supported only ext[23] and fat)

@Steve thank you for all your help.

No probs.

- steve

[1] If you didn't I betcha feeling just a little be like an id 10 t :)

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