Perhaps this is a good time to ask a question that I have...
People on this group have recomended the Liver Shake...
Basicaly equal volume of liver and V8 tomato juice....
I gave it to Baby Kitten the last couple weeks of her life
in the form of A/D and V8...1/4 juice and 3/4 A/D....
It seems that the V8 improves the flavor so that a cat
will eat when it won't eat anything else...
On the Feline Assisted Feeding Group there is a cat
that had stopped eating...The vet suggested A/D..
She atefor a couple days then stopped again...
I suggested adding a little V8 to A/D which sure
worked for Baby Kitten...
But the owner of the group jumped all over me for
giving tomato juice to a cat...My reply argument that
it was recomended on here got monitored and not posted
to the list....

Now I don't know what to believe...It got my Kitty eating
but then my Kitty died 2 weeks later...I think she was too
sick from FeLV problems but I strongly believe it bought
her 2 weeks of quality life...
For Jenns cat...Pursians, like siamese which I have, can be very
picky about their food and switching it...Perhaps they have
been feed the cheapest food you can by..Might be worth
trying a couple differant types before you start force feeding..
Force feeding can really turn a cat off from eating....
If you dare try the V8 I bet it will work...
But they do need to eat something soon...Its not good for
them to go much over a day without eating...
For a 10 pound cat one 5.5 oz can of food per day is a good
starting point...Watch weight from there....

Whoops, I forgot to use the right email address... this is by me, guys!
Anyways, this is the 3rd day and they don't seem to be eating or drinking, so if you guys could remind me the required minimal amount of water I need to force feed for a 10 pound cat, that would be great. They will lick Nutri-cal off my fingers, so that's something I suppose.

Yesterday I took in two severely neglected Persians. They both have been groomed (shaved and de-bugged), and one has had a full vetting (shots and neuter, but not FELV tested). Anyways, the one I spent all the money on, he was so matted that when they shaved him, his hair came off al in one piece. It literally looks like someone has skinned a cat, the hair came off in ONE BIG MATT! I didn't have enough money to get them both UTD of everything and both neutered, so the other one just had a haircut and revolution treatment for fleas and earmites. So, they are both much more comfortable now. Just wanted to share my newest arrivals with you guys. I have NO idea if they are FELV+ or not, ran out of funds for testing.
Anyways, I converted one of our closets into a isolation unit. You guys may be interested in this, it really works great. It's a average sized clothes closet, I took out the shelves and the clothes rod, and removed the wood door. Then I took an old glass storm window from storage and it fit right into the door frame, but only goes 3/4 of the way up the doorway. I made a little frame of rabbit wire and wood to cover the upper 1/4 of the doorway, and I secured the wire part to the top of the doorframe with wood screws, so it can flap up from the bottom. Then I just angled in two wood screws in front of the glass storm door frame in the doorframe, so all I have to do is unscrew two screws (I only screw them in about halfway), and the "door" is easily removed. I added a clamp lamp on one of the wood supports that held up the shelves. Now I have a nice 2x5 isolation room with a glass door I can see through to check up on the cats through, but my cats can't get nose-to-nose with the new cats through. They can see each other, and get to know each other, but with a solid glass barrier between them. It really works great. I put the old beat up foster and smith cat tree in there, it has two levels, a half-round cup and a solid tunnel, and now they have a place to get off the floor. I couldn't have done any better, if I do say so myself!
Just had to share with you guys, I think it's a genius idea, and what's the best is it doesn't consume any more floor space than before. I added two more cats without any loss of space. Who knew closets could be converted into cat rooms so easily! It looks surprisingly professional!


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