Well...I was wondering if Jenn noticed it and didn't say anything...or like me didn't think anything of it....

TenHouseCats wrote:
and your point is? hee hee

On 7/12/05, Tad Burnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 This conversation reminds me....Jenn stopped by my house the other day and
I didn't think anything of it at the time but I am sure she must have
noticed the litter box on top of the dresser in the window...
 For some reason my cat with both hind legs crippled doesn't like to use a
litter box on the floor...I have found that often times it easier to just
put a litter box where they choose to go rather than have them go all around
trying to find the place they are comfortable.....Of coarse this box that's
right up in plain sight for any humans coming by becomes everybody favorite
box...but on the other hand its the easiest one to scoop too....
Oh, the first thing I did when I moved into this apartment was peel back all
the carpeting and see if there was any usable floor underneath. Luckily, in
the bedroom there was decent wood floor, so I was able to toss the carpet in
that room. The office has a very thin indoor/outdoor type of carpet with no
padding over industrial tile, and the cats don't seem to like to pee on it
(if they do, I'll take the carpet out). The livingroom is an issue, under
it, is plain plywood, and it has, literally, about 5000 nails all across the
entire floor. it would LOOK HORRIBLE if I pulled up the carpet. Since I
rent, I'm not going to sink a ton of money into adding nice flooring myself,
so we just deal with spots as they occur in there. That's why I paid a
deposit.... :) 

 Hee, hee!  I've even gone to the extent of removing all of the carpet in
 the house and replacing with ceramic tile/laminate wood flooring (I
 highly recommend the Armstrong's edition made exclusively for
 Lowe's...withstands spills and cat claws peeling out at 100 miles and
 hour)...and the rugs are the cheap berber/industrial rugs that you can
 pick up at Walmart for $30 (they don't seem to be as comfortable to pee
 on and withstand claw sharpening)...two mottos at our house:  "if it
 can't be ruined, we don't buy it" and "we can't have anything nice!"  :)

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