I've been offline since Wednesday, and when I pulled up my email I saw this, but didn't want to read it.  I am so terribly, terribly sorry.  I know you will miss your Bailey.  You have been the best mother he could have ever had, and he'll wait for you at the Bridge.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Belinda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Bailey left us at 6:20 this evening. He took a bad turn for the
worse late last night and when I took him in this morning for his
surgery it was evident he wasn't in good enough shape. We gave him
fluids for a couple hours because he was dehydrated, his blood pressure
was 60 and his temperature went from 103 yesterday to 98 today, his
blood work was normal except his platelet count was low so he wasn't
clotting and suregery was out of the question unless we could get his
platelet count up. After two hours of fluids and a blood transfusion
his platelets came up but his temperature was now 94, 96 puts kitties at
risk for heart failure and she couldn't even get a blood pressure.

My vet said we have 3 options, we could continue the fluids and support
and see if things changed and if they did he could have the surgery
Go ahead with the surgery and get in and out as quickly as possible or
she could euthanise him.

I asked her what she honestly thought of his condition, she said she
though he was leaving on his own, I agreed. We talked, I asked her what
to expect if he was going to die and she told me what the likely
scenarios would be, she gave me a syringe of pain meds incase it got
really bad for him, it would basically knock him out so he wouldn't
suffer and pass on his own, she had a dinner engagement but told me to
call if she was needed. I had told Bailey it was his decision to stay
or go, and told him to do what was best for him. I brought him home on
the fluids to keep supporting him and if he did turn for the better we
would consider the surgery later. His breathing got worse just taking
him to the car so I knew in my heart we didn't have long.

We had about an hour, he was home with us and we were with him when he
left. He is whole now and FeLV free for the first time. We were so
lucky to have him for 11 years, his birthday was Monday. I will miss
his bouncy, happy personality. He was so special and I learned so much
thanks to him. He was our only positive and the one that was
responsible for my learning everything I have about FeLV+, he has helped
me save many positives and for that I thank him. I miss my little
Baidely boys so much already ... take care all. Give your special guys
and extra special hug for Bailey.


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