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Just found out Bailey had a tumor in his pancreas, and adenoma carcinoma, so he did make the right choice for himself, pancreatic cancer doesn't respond well to treatment. The pancreas is right by the kidney's, his kidney's were fine but his liver was in the early stages of hepatic lipidosis even though he was getting plenty of food. With pancreatic problems the body is not getting the nutrients from the food. iAn nflamed pancreas does not show up well on ultra sound or xray most of the time so that's why we didn't see it. That's also why the AD was giving him diarreha it is too high in fat. And just eating was probably uncomfortable if not painful, the ID was less high in fat but still too high for a patient with pancreatitis. My poor boy, here I was trying to keep him alive and probably causing him pain. Pancreas problems are best diagnosed with exploratory surgery and biopsies, so this is something I will know should I ever deal with it again.

Signs of pancreatitis are inappetence (Bailey's first symthom), vomiting, abdominal pain, possible abdominal mass and jaundice. Bailey just started vomiting two days ago, now I am thankful for the times I gave him pain meds. My vet was very impressed with the energy healer that checked Bailey over the day before he passed, she (the energy healer) said she was drawn to his pancreas. We kept thinking the kidney's ...


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