Hi all

I am back from my trip. Our old email is still not working. I am playing
catchup on emails, so i have not yet read any of the archives. Eric was able
to get junior to the vet for his eye meds both wednesday and today. He only
missed one dose od the Trusopt, glaucoma medicine yesterday. Other than the
eye problem which is serious enough Junior seems in pretty good condition.
Since he is not seeing well. His litter box is back in my room. I got him
back in lysine today. I cannot get Eric to give him medicine. Also I have to
pound it into a powder and I add it to his food. Next time I buy it I wil
get the capsules. I took sone to for a small cold sore I sometimes get, It
did clear up faster than normal.

Thanks Nina Kerry and Phaewyrn for all your suggestions and help.

Sally Davis

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