Hi everyone! Let me start by saying that my name is Jennifer. I am new to the whole feline leukemia situation. We had a stray cat adopt us right after Christmas. When he wouldn't go away, we decided to adopt him. He is so sweet and loving, I am so glad my husband said yes!! We took him to the vet and he tested positive. He also had an abscess on the base of his tail. We are done with the antibiotics but I still put to ointment on him. We go back next Tuesday (3 weeks after original test) for a retest. After that, we are having him fixed. My question is that I have found (about 3 times) some puddles of water on the kitchen floor. I thought maybe he was peeing on the floor but the liquid is clear with a pink tint to it. Does this sound right? Any ideas? I am very new to this so any info or tips on this or anything else is appreciated!! Thanks!
Jennifer and Midnight

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