I have been reading your emails for a few weeks now
and have gotten to know your heart and your wonderful
Monkee. I am so very sorry you are hurting so badly
and are missing your beloved Monkee. The tears are
just running out of my eyes for you. I am sure I am
not the only one out here feeling this way. People
like you give me respect for mankind. What you are
going through now is everything that is beautiful in
people. To have given your whole self over to some
hapless little cat and to be the very best friend he
ever had is just so sweet. A lady like you should
never be lonely...I do not think anyone out here would
not want to be your friend...Right now there is
another little friendless kitty feeling down, that I
know, you are destined to meet. Keep the love flowing
and make another spot in this very rough world
beautiful for another little furry friend. Your new
human friend,  Glenda Larsen

> Caroline, I am so deeply sorry about Monkee's
> crossing.  We all can emphasize your pain.  You are
> very luck to have met Monkee and Monkee is so lucky
> to have met you -- nothing can take away the bond
> between you and Monkee--it will live forever.
> Hideyo
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>   Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 9:47 AM
>   Subject: Monkee is gone
>   My beloved cat Monkee passed last night in my arms
> while I held him with my Mom standing next to my
> side.  At about 2:30 a.m.  
>   We were going to take him to Dr. Maier's for
> euthanasia this morning at 8:00 a.m.  I thought he
> could make it until then and that he wouldn't want
> to go to a strange emergency vet clinic he'd never
> been to before for his passing.  I didn't know he
> was that bad.  I feel so bad.  It was so horrible. 
> He was having some trouble breathing, but I was
> usually able to calm him down by holding him and
> giving him flower essences.  He had begun to have
> trouble walking and he would cry at me really loudly
> when he wasn't able to do something he wanted to do
> because his brain was not getting enough oxygen
> (like walk around).  I didn't want him to be in pain
> or suffer and I feel like I failed him.  
>   He did go really quick, but I was hysterical as it
> was happening.  We were on my bed and I was holding
> him.  He took a last gasp of air and then he
> stopped.  When his body when limp, I felt like I
> might die too.  I think the only thing that helped
> me and my mom was that she has "rescue remedy" with
> her and we both took it right away.  It sounds odd
> to say that, but immediately after it happened, I
> felt a sense of peace-- for him.  I think the rescue
> remedy helped my breathing at that time.  I just
> held him afterwards and talked to him  and pet him
> and kissed him for about two hours.  I told him how
> wonderful he was and that I would never be the same
> without him.  I walked around the house, sat with
> him on the porch he loved so much and took him
> outside for his last time to hold him while sitting
> on the front steps.  
>   I have never had an animal die in my arms like
> that and to have it be my best friend-- the best
> companion I've ever heart just feels like
> it's wrenching in half.  I feel guilty and
> traumatized.  I am having a hard time erasing the
> memories of his passing.  When I close my eyes, I
> see his face as he took his last breath.  I don't
> how to recover from that.
>   I've never been lonely since I had Monkee and now
> that he's gone, that loneliness is crashing in.  
>   I hope all of you are able to continue to care for
> your cats and give them the peace and love that they
> so desperately need.  I admire those of you who take
> care of multiple FelV cats and have lost some in the
> past and continue to keep doing the work that you
> do.  My thoughts and my prayers are now with all of
> you and your babies.  I felt like I didn't have the
> mental energy to devote many of my prayers in the
> past few weeks to any cat other than Monkee, but I
> will be praying for you now.
>   I also wanted to remind everyone that you never
> really know the power of what love can do for a cat
> like Monkee, until you experience it.  When I found
> him, he was a crazy, dirty, little ragamuffin eating
> doves, baby rabbits, and whatever else he could
> catch in the courtyard of my law school apartment
> complex in Northern Ky 4 years ago.  And four years
> and 1 month ago, I couldn't take his living it up in
> "the killing fields"- as I called it- anymore.  It
> took so long to get him to be a somewhat normal cat.
>  Something bad must have happened to him because he
> was already neutered when I found him, so he had to
> have belong to someone.  He was deathly afraid of
> men and it took until probably about this past year
> for that fear to almost subside.  I don't think
> anyone else in my life (other than myself) believed
> that he'd ever be trusting, cuddling, sweet, lfunny,
> love-bug that he was with me.  The first time I
> turned on my radio and my tv after I had brought him
> into my life, he freaked out and hid under the bed
> for hours.  After lots of love and being spoiled
> rotten, and having four years to experience as many
> things as possible, he had truly become my best
> friend.  He would comfort me when something went
> horribly wrong in my life and the past 4 years have
> been pretty turbulent for me so he had a lot of
> comforting to do.  He was what always cheered me up
> when I was at my lowest low and he was what kept
> going.  He slept on my bed with me every night and
> even when I was just away for one night, I would
> miss him and miss having him there in the morning to
> wake up with.  I am going to miss him so much. 
>   I also wanted to say "Thank You" for being such an
> instant support group for Monkee and I.  We really
> needed help these past few weeks and you all really
> came through for us.  
>   Thank you,
>   Caroline 
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