I'm so glad your Isabella is feeling better. I know
this is a huge relief! As for Keisha, I hope you are
able to get some "real" answers soon.  I'm sure I'm
not the only one who has  tried to google ADENOMATOSIS
and was left even more confused than when you just
introduced this term as the cause of Keisha's death...
Again, I'm so sorry for you and Keisha...Thank you for
helping all of us  learn all we can on how to best
care for our cats...I know you are stressing, worried
about your other five, until you learn if this was a
viral condition.I do imagine your vet is in the dark
as it does seem there is not much out there on this
subject, so do not get too scared until you are
actually able to talk to someone a bit more qualified
in that area...I guess I do not put a lot of stock in
one vet's opinion...and you have a long weekend to
worry...Meanwhile, just build up your kitties' immune
systems...can't go wrong there...
I did notice that the vets I have dealt with here, in
Nebraska, at best, have told me exactly, what I have
found myself, online and of course, this group of
people, have so far, shared and directed me towards
better information than either of my vets.
I did notice there are a lot of listings for different
types of adenomatosis in humans, affecting different
areas of the body...I did not see anywhere, where it
was always fatal or acts like cancer...Those words,
coming from a vet that admits he does not really know
much, are scary words to live with over the
weekend...I know you are worried about your other
kitties, just wanted to comfort you a bit...Glenda  

--- laurieskatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Good news first. Isabella is doing great. We are
> starting to decrease the prednisone. She is still on
> tramadal for pain and clavamox. She is a trooper and
> we are pleased with her progress. She isn't crying
> out, we aren't seeing tremors!
> Keisha died from adenomatosis. This is very rare,
> vet's know little about it. It acts like cancer and
> is always fatal. The suspected underlying cause is a
> toxin or chronic viral infection. Her lungs were
> infiltrated. If it was viral, it is contagious and
> my other 5 are at risk. I am waiting for a call from
> the specialist. She may not be back until Monday. 
> Laurie

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