I'll try the ear thing that was mentioned. We try to wear them out before
bed, but inevitably, they start their wrestling at 4 a.m. after some sleep.
I'm just not ready to get up that early. So, I've been getting up, trying
the rescue remedy, then stumbling back to bed. Sometimes I think a pillow
over my head works the best! :-)


One of the cats is about a year old; the other is about 1 and a half, we're
guessing. They have so much energy!


Smokey-the youngest-loves to play fetch. So, at night we can wear her out
with several hours of fetch (we never trained her, she just started on her
own). But, the other cat, Nonie, refuses to do anything but lay around in
the evening! Resting up for the rodeo I guess!


At least there's never a dull moment!


RE: the video, I've never found a carpet cleaner (besides the professional
we hire twice a year) that has been able to get vomit stains out. Anything
work well for you guys? It seems that every time we get the carpet
professionally cleaned, they puke the same day. Probably the chemicals in
the carpet I'm guessing. I want to buy a Spot Bot, but those are expensive,
and $ is tight right now. I'm desperate for a good carpet cleaning solution
as I dream of wood floors.





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Maybe it does not work on kittens? I used to wear mine out by playing with
feather toys for 20 minutes at bedtime and they (2 and 3 mo old) slept
through the night from the very beginning.


I use Rescue Remedy by warming between my thumb and index finger and then
holding inside non furry part of ear for about 10 seconds. It works very
well to calm my agressive cat before we go to the vet.


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So, I was really excited to get some rescue remedy and try it out on the
kitties to see how amazingly it worked-no luck! Am I doing something wrong?
I bought the regular rescue remedy in the dropper form and the rescue sleep
in the spray. I was hoping to use it at night or the early morning hours
when things get out of control at our house. Mainly it's just two of our
cats who wrestle and fight (play fight) constantly-non stop! It's loud (even
though they don't meow), but they're running into things, stampeding through
the hallway, scratching furniture as they vault over it, mauling each other,
etc. They look like one gray ball rolling around frantically.


When we're awake during the day, it's all very amusing, and I always break
up the fights when they get too serious. Those two hearts get to beating so
fast! One is not picking on the other-both take turns instigating these


Anyway, I thought maybe the rescue remedy would calm them down during these
situations when we're trying to sleep and they're playing "rodeo." I
squirted the rescue sleep in one cat's mouth. Nothing. I added it to their
water at bed time. No luck. I gave them a drop of the regular rescue remedy
in their mouths. Nada. The circus continued at 4 a.m. without lessening.


Anybody else have zero results with this? Does it only work with stressed
out cats and not rambunctious ones? Maybe we should be using it on ourselves
instead! :-)


Melissa Lind


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