Hey guys,
Just an update on the situation with Grizzabella and Poppy.  I stopped  by my 
vet's office this morning with the UT vet referral forms in hand.  I  was 
actually quite surprised, they seemed very receptive to the idea, so I left  
forms with them.  They said the vet that diagnosed them wasn't working  today, 
but they would leave them there for him in the morning. (he's a graduate  of 
the UT CVM, as I checked his state licensure, so I'm hoping it won't be too  
hard to get a referral from him.)  I'll let you guys know if I get the  
referral tomorrow.
As for food....I went today and picked up the Innova EVO.  For anyone  else 
who might be looking for it, in addition to the place off Middlebrook that  
Melanie mentioned, they also have it at Smokey Mountain Grain and Feed in  
Maryville, and Earth Share, the organic/natural foods grocery store in Turkey  
Creek.  Anyway, I picked it up today (as well as a couple cans of Innova  EVO 
canned food, not sure if they will eat it, I'm going to try tonight) and I  
stopped by Northshore Animal Hospital on my way home and bought a bag of  the 
professional strength veterinary formula Missing Link supplement.  They  also 
got the Lysine this morning, and ate it very well!  I'm going to start  trying 
to incorporate the Lysine and Missing Link into their wet food in the am  and 
pm by dividing the dose and feeding half of each both times.
I'm still trying to figure out what to do about separating the  
litterbox/food/water for Penelope.  She is, so far, negative.  What do  you 
guys think?  
Should I wait, or go with the separate  food/water/litterboxes in separate 
with the infrared kitty doors that  require the collar to open?  I figure I 
can buy two different doors....one  for Poppy and Grizzabella, and another with 
a different frequency for  Penny...that way it will keep all their 
food/water/litter separate.  I  don't really have to worry about separating 
because she's a loner  anyway..she doesn't associate with the other two really 
at  all.    Should I go ahead with the separate bowls, and start by  just 
adding a second set and letting all of them use both, and then after a  while 
(when they know the second litterbox/water/food exists) add the radio  
doors?  I want to do whatever is easiest for them, I don't want  to stress 
them over it, but I want to make sure Penny stays negative as much as  humanly 
possible.  I figure it'll be an easier transition if Penelope knows  the 
food/water bowls are there before I "lock" her out of the others area.   What 
do you 
think? I'm open to recommendations/suggestions.  Right now I  just have their 
dry food in disposable bowls that I'm changing daily.  I'm  also bleaching the 
drinkwell daily.  I feed them once in their glass bowls  then bleach/wash 
them.  They are all still sharing a litterbox  though.  Thoughts?


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