Here's the breakdown:
I've had Grizzabella since 2001, and she was approximately a year old at  
that point, so she's about 7.  She came from a rescue shelter that  went 
bad, but I'm almost certain I had her tested and she was negative  at that 
time, because I remember she came with an awful URI when I got her.  :(  Poor 
thing.  But what happened was she spent about three years  with my mother.  I 
had moved back home to help care for a terminally ill  relative, and by the 
she passed, Grizzabella had gotten so attached to  mother and mother to she 
that I couldn't separate them.  Bella came back to  live with me after mother 
passed away in December 06. I think she likely  contracted the FeLV while she 
was with mother, as she would often get outside,  and mother wasn't able to 
chase her down.  She went to the vet several  times in that period for rabies 
shots and the like, but they never recommended  FeLV vaccines, and I still 
know why.
As for Poppy and Penny, I'm certain they were negative when I got them, as  
they came from Virginia Siamese Rescue.  They were kittens, so at this  point 
they're almost 2 1/2 years old, and Bella has only been here about 8-9  months, 
so I assume Poppy contracted it at somewhere around a year and a half to  two 
years old.  Penny tested negative on the ELISA.  I'm going to take  her back 
in 3-6 months and have her retested and insist on an IFA test.  I  say I'm 
certain they didn't have it when I adopted them because I know how  thorough Va 
SRC is, especially with the fosters I got them from.  I've  gotten to know 
them, and I'm certain they tested.  I guess its possible the  test was a 
when I got them and they were in fact positive, but I kinda  doubt it.  I got 
poppy at approximately 12 weeks old, and Penny at  approximately 8 weeks old.
As for the bleaching...the food bowls are nonporous glazed porcelain, and  
they're bleached in the dishwasher, as dishwasher detergent has bleach in  it.  
The drinkwell I can understand, though, being plastic.  I usually  dilute 
quite a bit, but I'll certainly stop if you all think it could cause more  harm 
than do good.  Thanks again!


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