I agree.  IF your other cat has been vaccinated I would not bother separating 
at this point.  If she is not vaccinated I would separate her until you get in 
her vacc. and booster, and maybe a little longer.  How old is she? How long was 
she with your positives?
  I would not worry about bleaching food bowls if you feel a need to do so.  I 
have positives and negatives mixed together and they use the same dishes.  
If/when you use bleach to clean, just dilute it a bit, rinse well and let the 
dishes dry well before using them.  Drying out in the sunshine is best if 
possible when using bleach.

wendy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Hey Michael,
  If they won't eat the wet Evo, you can mix it with some baby food (Del Monte 
or Beech Nut are good, chicken flavor or any of the meats) and maybe the can be 
switched over that way.
  Some people might not agree with me, but I think at this point, Penelope has 
already been exposed (how long were they living together before the 
diagnosis?).  If she was, she has thrown the virus.  Adult cats are very 
resistant against the virus from what we've seen here.  How old are all your 
furbabies?  I would be surprised if Grizzabella gave it to Poppy.  Did you have 
Poppy tested when you first adopted him?  It's possible they both already had 
it when you adopted them.  I never separated mine.  Cricket was our positive 
and Julie, LuLu, and Pepper are my negatives.  They lived together two years 
before I knew about the diagnosis, and two years after.  They shared the same 
litter box and food/water bowls.  No one ever became positive.  The infrared 
collars are a good idea, but honestly Michael, it's probably a moot point.  I 
can't swear by it, but I would live by it.  I would really be careful about the 
bleaching of food and water bowls.  In fact, I wouldn't.  I would
 be so scared that I was slowly poisoning them.  I would ask about that as a 
subject specifically.
  Let us know how the vet visit/referral goes.
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