i have to agree with kerry--the archives on this list are great.

i know that the winn feline foundation has put out 2006 position
papers/updates on FIV and FeLV, available on their site (i don't agree with
all their statements, but understand that until the actual research proves
something, the anecdotal information that people have can't be put out as
fact.....); the aafp (amer assn of feline practitioners?) has info on
retroviral testing, the most recent version of the online merck veterinary
manual has the WONDERFUL "70% of cats exposed to FeLV" won't become
persistently viremic stat that's been around for quite awhile, but was
ignored because it came from "special interest groups"--like those folks who
DIDN'T automatically treat FeLV with euthanasia....

while not all of the links are in separate threads, a lot are--you can look
for "oh, here's a new link!", or "great new resource!"---and see what's
there. i have to admit that i'm not that familiar with searching through the
archves on this list because, well, i've got all the posts saved since i
joined back in 03 or 04--just not necessarily on the same computer/hard
drive. (hey, i've got most of the stuff from my first computer back in 83,

what's so frustrating, with FeLV as well as any other cat diseases, is that
if you're not subscribed to all the vet publications, you don't know about
the most up-to-date research, and it may take literally YEARS for it to
trickle down to the majority of vets.....

(went to a webinar on FIP yesterday that was both wondering, and
disheartening--i'm pretty current on FIP, and while it confirmed all the
things i did know [that most vets seems NOT to realize), i found out about
findings and tests i've never seen any mention of anywhere..... yeah, i've
slacked off this past 9 months with personal things, but not totally---and i
haven't seen even a hint of this info.... which makes me wonder if it will
EVER make it to the general public. sigh.)

On 9/27/07, MacKenzie, Kerry N. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  You'd be hard pushed to find better info than that in the archives on
> this list. This was a second-to-none resource, put together by the folks who
> really knew what they were talking about--folks with years of solid
> experience of caring for FeLV cats.
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> *Subject:* Books, Lists and Other Resources
> What are some other resources people use? I was surprised to find there
> aren't any books on FeLV - at least none I could find. Are there other
> places out there on the web that people frequent for info? I'm one of those
> people who read and read and read on a subject that bothers me. I am working
> on finding a holistic vet for Autumn.
> I just want to learn as much as I can. Any responses are appreciated:-)
> Autumn is doing great - so playful. My husband and I just worry she might
> get sick again once the antibiotics stop. Her lymph nodes seem to stay a bit
> swollen, though not as much as they had been.
> ~Susan  A.
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