I took my little 2 year old, Bea, to a holistic/hemopathetic vet last night. He 
said she is doing very well and doesn't show any signs of the illness - thank 
He put her on Transfer Factor Plus (which many of you had mentioned, thank you) 
and also Engystol.
I was wondering if anyone has heard of Engystol before or are currently using 
He also gave me a very LARGE list of better quality foods wet/dry to put her on.
Does anyone have a particular brand they like over another? Pros/Cons to any 
I also wanted to share something he said to me. We were getting ready to leave 
and I asked if there was anything special I should do for her? He said "Yes, 
she doesn't know she is sick - so don't treat her like she is".
I immediately burst into tears, this vet is a keeper.

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