Just when I found placement for the adult feluk positive, now three kittens 
need placement.  The woman was going to take them to the vet to pts them, but I 
told her I would take them and find a home for them.  They are about 8-9 weeks 
old and tested positive yesterday.  Need help yet again.  They are tabbys and 
very cute.  I am picking them up from the lady today, I don't know if they are 
boys are or girls yet.  I know they are a little scared, she found them in her 
backyard. There are actually five, but I can't take all five.  She might try to 
find a home for the other two.  Anyone out there want one, two or three kittens 
to add to their home.  Willing to travel, food included, will spay/neutered 
Thank you
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