Ditto on testing for feleuk.  Generally if you wait 2-3 months and retest there 
is a good chance the result will be negative for feleuk.  Have seen it happen 
several times.

gary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  I haven't heard of the SNAP test being any 
more inclined toward false 
positives on young kittens when testing for feluk. I have heard that if you 
are testing young kittens for FIV there is a good chance of a false positive 
from antibodies in their mother's milk if she was positive. This usually 
clears away by 4 to 6 months so, testing kittens for FIV before that doesn't 
give a true indication.


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> I'm sorry, I should have given a cite for this. My vet says testing
> cats of less than 3 months is not recommended. I can't find anything
> on the Internet to cooberate. Anyone hear of this before?

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